Garden log cabins

Lugarde is a garden house web store that has been an authority in the field of garden houses, verandas and garages for almost 40 years. With or without integrated roofing, modern or classic? Because we deliver customized solutions, everything is possible! Since 1978, Lugarde has been producing wooden garden houses, log cabins and top-quality roofs.

We sell our garden houses and log cabins through an extensive dealer network. Because we have the production process from start (design) to end (delivery) in-house, we can fully respond to your specific wishes. Handy to know: we do not charge extra costs for customization!

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Summerhouses have corners where the ends of the beams meet. The corners are therefore flat. As a result, garden houses almost always have a sleek, modern look.

Log cabins with straight beam heads can also have a modern look. If you opt for diamond heads, a log cabin often has a more robust and traditional look. The garden houses of our Pro system have square posts as corners.

garden log cabins

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